Do you want to know a secret? Wooli is Wonderful!


Wonderful Wooli.

Most people know about Surfers Paradise, Broome, and Cairns, but there are other equally impressive but lesser known destinations that offer just as much and possibly more for the discerning traveller.

Wooli, New South Wales is one such place. Have you ever heard somebody say “we just got back from Wooli”?  Most likely not!

This hidden treasure of pristine beaches, fabulous fishing and boating and an engaging tranquil serenity is not well known, which is one of its greatest attributes.

Situated approximately 685km north of Sydney, nestled between the Wooli River and Pacific Ocean this delightful hamlet is the perfect place to escape from everything.  This enchanting retreat offers everything you need to do nothing.

Leave your mobile, laptop or tablet at home and let the salt air, gentle breezes and seclusion invigorate your very essence.

Yuraygir National Par spans along the  Wooli River and is home to wildlife of all kinds. Kangaroos, Emus, Kingfishers, Parrots, and Storks are all seen on the beaches within and around this protected area. Plump, juicy oysters are plentiful in and around this wonderland.

Wander into the harbor and charter a boat to go deep sea diving and fishing.

Every October Wooli hosts the Australian National Goanna Pulling competition. This is always a huge event for this usually quiet seaside village.

By using thick leather belt strapped to their heads this sport is a test of strength between two combatants trying to pull their opponent across the line to achieve victory.

If fishing is not your thing and you want to do something completely different, then no problem, there is much more to do in Wooli.




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