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3 Gay Men, 2 Heterosexuals, an axe, and some cooking oil

When told in full this story is a corker, its definitely one that will grace Chris Chicks travelling memoirs in the future. For this board i will share the short version.

Chicko & Chewey are our characters, Chicko an Englishman with far too much bravado for his wimpy frame, and Chewey the ever ignorant Irishman who by all rights was a disgrace to his people by being almost a non alcoholic. After arriving in Sydney on a 9 day bender, being off the beaten track was the way forwards for these weary travelers. By a stroke a good fortune the chaps found a guy who was willing to take them to the blue mountains if they were fine with being with 2 gay men. The decision has already been made, of course we were.

As we entered the blue mountains there was in fact three gay men, a chap by the name of Jade (a semi precious stone he kept telling us) had appeared……from the internet apparently, this only made the journey a little more bizarre.

Having camped the night at the gay guys house (their names were Izzy and Colin, but they preferred to be called piglet & bear) we went on a hike as was firmly introduced to piglets wandering camera, this continued as we got to theirs at breakfast and then when we was cleaning up after being told that we needed to ‘earn our keep’ in no uncertain terms.

After a few certain stern words from the Irishman regarding certain camera happy piglet, we settled back down to a nice cup of rosie. Then the fireworks went off piglet who was a little more confident demanded the same thing ‘yo boys need to earn your keep’ without hesitation i jumped and offered my services, what could Piglet possibly do to me that could harm me, i’m 6ft 3ins, and he was just barely over 5ft.

‘i want you to pose for some photos’ thats not too bad i thought, i have a small ego that needs to be rubbed.
‘where do you want me’ i replied, he motioned towards an axe in the backyard and wanted me to chop some wood whilst he took pictures. Everything though wierd from the outside was running smoothly until i was asked to take off my top, well i thought, now i know how it feels for women who are harassed by sweaty men. After an unsuccessful try at getting Chewey to pose, the tension in the garden was extremely tense to say the least.

I’ll leave the story at that just to wet your appetites 🙂

Happy traveling

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