Tantanoola Cave


On our way to Tantanoola Cave we passed through more huge pine forests & in contrast the lush green meadows with sheep and cattle grazing.
Definitely not prepared for the stunning beauty of this cave as our guide took us into darkness the turned on the lights. Found by 16 year old Boyce Lane in 1930 while out hunting for rabbits with his pet ferret.

When his ferret disappeared down a small opening he went down afer it & found the cave.
News of the incredible cave brought 100s of visitors but visitors still had to squeeze through a hole & down a ladder – 1980s aw OH&S intervene & close the cave down. 1983, with some major safety upgrades, improved lighting& wheelchair access, it reopened as it is today.

This cave is probably the most beautiful and spectacular cave I have ever seen, definitely the WOW factor. Back in town we watched a screeing of Volcano – the incredible story of the 8 major eruptions that created Mt Gambier.

Fascinating, so off we went in search of some of these dormant volcanoes, (Hells Hole & Caroline Sinkhole) armed with maps that led into the middle of a pine forest which was in the process of being harvested.

We gave up after a couple of hours searching with no luck, but we did get to see these amazing forests and talk to one of the truck drivers carting the radiata pine.


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