History of Australia – Sovereign Hill


Ballarat. City and capital of the Victorian Goldfields.

Sovereign Hill, which was an active mine, is a re-creation of what Ballarat would have been during the GOLD rush.

Step back in time and enjoy the harshness of history in a comfortable environment. You can almost feel the ways of the past including the hardship and constant disappointment. With this comes rebel rousing and drinking which leads to violence and upheaval.




It tells the story of the times. Not only of life in the mines but how the area survived and prospered. Historians have analysed photos and antique engravings of the ENGLISH artist S.T. Gill to reconstruct, as closely as possible, the appearance of the buildings of the early Ballarat. The attention to detail is extraordinary.

The Eureka Rebellion, which is often referred to as the Eureka Stockade, is key event in the development of Australian democracy and identity.

The stockade itself was a makeshift wooden barricade covering about an acre of the goldfields. On the morning of Sunday 3rd December 1854, after months of civil unrest and conflict, authorities stormed the stockade. After a twenty minute battle in which 22 diggers and 5 troops were killed the rebellion was over.


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