10 reasons why you shouldn’t visit Portsmouth in New Hampshire, USA


10 reasons why you shouldn’t visit Portsmouth in New Hampshire, USA and instead visit Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia.

  1. Portsmouth is in America.
  2. Merimbula is in Australia.
  3. Merimbula 1

3.With a population of about 21,000 Portsmouth sits near the mouth of the Piscataqua River which is described           as ‘a short wide river’ which divides New Hampshire and Maine. Great description. If you were describing a                 plain looking person as short and wide you would at least include ‘but with a great personality’. Nup. Not here!

4.Merimbula, on the other hand, is on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales about 525 km’s or 6 hours drive            south of Sydney. This peaceful settlement of 7000 residents is surrounded by pristine beaches and abundant               natural beauty in some of Australia’s most significant natural parks. Now that’s more like it!

5.US$100 will get you US$100 in Portsmouth.

6.US$100 will get you A$117 in Merimbula.

7.Portsmouth is variously described as one of the top 100 walking cities in America, the 3rd oldest city in the USA       and established in 1800, the countries first naval shipyard. What more could you want? Plenty! History…it’s a             thing of the past. Live in the now!

8.Some epithets attached to Merimbula include, Jewel of the Sapphire Coast, offers a range of natural experiences      that draws people from all over the world, an area that never leaves you and of course exceptional whale watching      opportunities.  Now we’re talking!

Merimbula 2



9.Portsmouth average annual temperature 13.5C or 56.3F with 46 inches or 1168 millimetres of rain. This equates       to cold and wet.

 10.Merimbula average annual temperature 20.3 C or 67F with 32 inches or 830 millimetres of rain. The words  temperate, pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable spring to mind.

Sorry Portsmouth but I know where I’d love to visit.

See you in Merimbula!

This writer was NOT a guest of  New Hampshire Tourism.



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