Nullarbor Plain-Worlds Longest Golf Course


 Nullarbor Plain


Located on the Great Australian Bight in Southern Australia, is the vast, featureless Nullarbor Plain – the world’s largest single piece of limestone, covering an area of 270,000 square km and extending some 1,000 km from the east to the west. It’s awesome!

A road train on the Eyre Highway, WA.


It has the longest stretch of straight road in the world which is called the Eyre Highway, named after explorer John Eyre who crossed in 1841. That would’ve been fun! It was first crossed by a motor car in 1912. God knows how long that took! That would have been fun as well! You can travel by car from Perth to Ceduna, approximately 2000 km’s, in about 6 days comfortably visiting Norseman, Balladonia, Caiguna, Madura and Border Village along the way.

The Nullarbor Links Golf Course is the longest in the world. The first hole is at Ceduna with the 18th hole at Kalgoorlie about 1365 km’s away. Not sure what par it is.

The area is so flat that the Trans Australian Railway runs across its surface for about 483 kilometres in a completely straight line. The Indian Pacific train runs twice a week between Perth and Sydney via Adelaide. This trip is about 4350 km’s and takes 4 days and three nights to cover.

There are probably over 100,00 wild camels roaming the plain have been set loose after no longer being required for railways building and other endeavours. In the day the camel truly was the only reliable and sustainable form of transport in the outback.

Bunda Cliffs



The Nullarbor Plain ends abruptly at the spectacular Bunda Cliffs, comprising a 200-kilometer-long precipice curving around the Great Australian Bight from Border Village to the east of Head of Bight. These sheer cliffs vary from 60m to 120m above sea level.

For those of you who are foolhardy or stupid enough to think of it cycling across the Nullarbor is not without it’s hazards. These lunatics are cautioned against cycling at night (obviously) but even during the day traffic, especially road trains, present obvious issues.

There is no doubt this is one of the most unique areas in the world and it’s well worth the experience!



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