Crime and Retribution-The Hunter Valley


NSW Hunter Valley.

The Hunter Valley is located about 2 hours drive north of Sydney and is the premier wine producing region in NSW.

In 1797 Lieutenant John Shortland was searching for convicts and is credited with being the first European to discover this region. It stands to reason that having been chasing convicts the convicts would have been ahead of him and would have therefore been in the region before him. And at this early stage of colonisation there is no doubt the convicts would have been European and the first to discover the region. Ah semantics!

Following Governor Macquarie’s first visit to Newcastle in January 1812 a small number of ‘well behaved’ convicts were allowed to take up land on Paterson’s Plains (now Dungog Shire) and in exchange they supplied the government with cedar logs.

Frederick Ward meet Jessie Hickman.

The notorious Captain Thunderbolt (Frederick Ward), Australia’s longest surviving bushranger, began his illustrious career with robberies at Tocal and Paterson. He then moved on to the North West Slopes before being shot and killed in 1870.

Elizabeth Jessie Hickman ‘The Lady Bushranger’ was a notorious cattle duffer from the wild, mountainous countryside west of the Putty Road. After killing her abusive third husband ‘Fitzy’ in 1820 the gun toting Jessie ended up hiding from Police in a remote cave on Nullo mountain. Jessie wasn’t a conventional bushranger but she did have several aliases, a gang and stole and roamed the bush whilst being pursued by Police.

Of more recent times of course you have Katherine Knight. Knight made international headlines in 2000 after police found the grisly murder scene in an Aberdeen house  in the Hunter Valley, where John Price had been stabbed 37 times, his body flayed and the skin ‘suit’ hanging from a meat hook on the living room door.She decapitated him and cooked parts of his body, serving up the meat with baked potato and other vegies and gravy at the dinner table for Price’s children. Not Nice!


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The Hunter Valley offers basic to 5 star accommodation, golfing resorts, vineyards and cellar doors, festival, concerts and fairs. The scenery is breathtaking and the ambience is unmatchable. A very popular playground for weekend visitors from Sydney.You can do as much or as little as you want. It’s the perfect short escape.

Rolling green hills and valleys, vineyards, horse studs, historical villages, fresh produce, restaurants, golf courses, entertainment venues, friendly people, laid back lifestyle. Tell me when to stop! Because you get all this and so much more about two hours drive from bustling Sydney. What can I say? Absolute magic!

Don’t forget the Hunter Valley Zoo which is located only 5 kilometres from Cessnock and has a large range of Australian and exotic species.

We are now on the clock because large international mining corporations are in bed with government (it doesn’t matter which one) to mine coal in this area. It would be an absolute disaster. So get in as soon as you can. Get plenty of photos and videos to show the grand kids.

C’mon. Get out there and have a look!




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