Longreach, Queensland and the Qantas Museum


Longreach and the Qantas Museum.

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What a full & awesome day. It started at 8am this morning with our Platinum Tour at Qantas Founders Museum. We were the only 2 on the tour & caleb, our tour guide, although only 18, was so knowledge& so good we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Our 3 & a bit hout tour took us into every nook & cranny on both the 747 and the 707, & I mean everywhere, even into the cargo areas & down into the belly of the plane where all the electrical & avionics workings are. We saw the Black boxes (which are actually orange), sat in the pilot and co-pilots seats in the cockpit & what we are missing out on not flying first class. This 707 was the first Boeing airliner sold outside the United States & was converted to a luxury jet, with many famous people flying in it including Michael Jackson & lastly owned by a Saudi Prince.

Sue Caine's photo.

The luxury interior consists of mahogany timber, Waterford Crystal & solid gold fittings, even in the toilets & seat belt clasps! !! After the tour we wandered the Museum for another 2 1/2 hours. Fascinating. Stopped briefly on the way back to the CP to have a look at the Machine Mile, the to get ready for tonight’s free entertainment, a local show called On tge Sheep’s Back. The show is coming to us tonight from the local Wellshot hotel.


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