Innaminka-Desolation or Serenity?


Where the hell is Innaminka?

Godforsaken, desolate, middle of nowhere, isolation, remoteness are all legitimate ways to describe Innaminka. However you can also use tranquility, peacefulness, quietude, solitude and calming. Most people who travel to, or more correctly through, would have a fair idea what to expect. Something to be savoured in this far-flung outpost is the desert sounds, or lack of. The crystal clear air. The never ending star studded desert sky and the camaraderie and companionship of the locals and fellow travellers.

Make no mistake this is a very special place!


Innaminka, established around a hotel and a trading post in the late 1800’s, is a very tiny settlement in South Australia that has a population of only 131, as per last Census. It’s about 1100 km’s north from Adelaide and situated on the banks of Copper Creek which has been made famous by the misadventures of the famous explorers, Burke & Wills. Cooper Creek is also ideal for canoeing, fishing and yabbying.

The town was once a customs depot but now it’s mainly used to service travellers and those who are keen on camping. The town common is very popular. There are also public coin-operated toilets and a decent shower facilities

There is not much to do in Innaminka but you can still spend a couple of days enjoying the sights and sounds of this place. The Australian Inland Mission was built in 1928 to look into the medical needs of the remote pastoral properties. The mission nurses travelled on horseback to attend flood victims and injured workers. The mission was abandoned in the early period of 1950s as the Royal Flying Doctor Service was introduced. The building has been restored of late and it now houses the headquarters of the national park and a special museum that pays tributes to the nurses of this region.

Among the nearby attractions, you can visit the Innamincka Regional Reserve. This reserve is a bit isolated but very popular with the nature lovers. It is a huge park covering an area of around 14,000 sq km. It comprises of Coongie Lakes which is one of the most impressive wetland areas of South Australia. It is a lovely place to view the wildlife especially the water birds. The other notable places of attraction near Innamincka include the Burke & Wills Dig Tree, Memorial Plaques to Burke & Willis and Strzelecki Regional Reserve which offers ample scope for bird-watching and camping.

 Eating out and shopping is not really common parlance at Innamincka. It’s more like grabbing a feed at the pub or stocking up on supplies at the trading post. You will definitely limit your culinary experiences to your campsite or your hotel.

C’mon. Get out there and have a look!


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