Great Barrier Reef-Daintree Rainforest


Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest north of Cairns in Tropical Far North Queensland Australia is one of the most diverse and beautiful examples of Mother Nature in the world. World Heritage Great Barrier Reef and Daintree rainforest come together along this section of the northern coast of Queensland – nowhere else are these two natural wonders side by side and so accessible to travellers.

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This World Heritage listed area, which stretches about 95 km’s from Mossman Gorge (about an hour north of Cairns) to Cape Tribulation towards Cooktown contains the highest number of plant and animal species that are rare, or threatened with extinction, anywhere in the world. It’s a unique area, precariously balanced between the advances of development and the warnings of environmentalists. This area was named after 19th century photographer and geologist Richard Daintree. The first permanent settlers arrived in 1879.

Daintree National Park is located within the tropical region of North Queensland and therefore becomes inundated with rain when the monsoon trough arrives during the warmer months (Nov – Mar).

The  Park can experience periods of incredibly intense rainfall causing flash flooding to occur in the rivers and creeks of the area. This can happen at any time of the year but is more common in the summer months with the presence of the monsoonal trough. However, the shortness of the rivers in the Daintree means that most flooding (even in the summer months) is short lived and the rivers can rise and fall several feet within a few hours. 

Winter is generally a more pleasant time to see Daintree National Park with fewer annoying insects, no box jellyfish and more comfortable weather conditions. It does come at a price though – people. This is the tourist season and some of the more popular areas can become quite crowded.

Do not miss a chance to see the oldest and most precious of rainforests left in the world. Sir David Attenborough says it is a world wide treasure that needs to be protected at all costs.

C’mon. Get up there and have a look!





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