Australian Dingo Fence -V- Great Wall of China.


It is often described as The Ten Thousand Li Long Wall. 1 Li is ½ kilometre so it’s the equivalent of 5000 kilometres. The Australian Dingo fence stretches 5,614 kilometres.

The Great Wall serves no purpose now other than it’s a tourist attraction. The Dingo fence still exists to prevent wild dogs into the fertile grazing lands of Southern Queensland.

The Great Wall is falling down with little or no maintenance. The Dingo fence staff consist of 23 employees, including 2 person teams which patrol and maintain a 300 kilometre section of the fence once every week.

The Great Wall can be seen from space. So what! How many people are in space looking for it?

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Great Wall is that it is in China. The Dingo fence on the other hand is in Australia.

The Great Wall gets about 4 million visitors a year. Can you imagine the wait times, line ups, noise and general unpleasantness. The Dingo fence gets bugger all. A few outback travellers might drive by it now and then. But no doubt they’re on their way to another outstanding and unique Australian destination.


Australian Dingo Fence.

About 6 kilometres outside a little town called Hall’s Creek in North Western Australia there is another China Wall. It’s basically a formation of white quartz stones that rises from a creek naturally. This structure continues over the surrounding hills and it does look like the Great Wall of China!

So from now on we will call it the Good Wall of China previously referred to as the Great Wall of China.

We’d prefer to spend our time touring amazing Australia and not wrestling with millions of anxious and impatient visitors in China.

So take the Good Wall of China off your bucket list and travel Australia!

This writer was NOT a guest of China Tourism.


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