Camping-Australia in Winter-Hard to Beat!


The best thing about camping.

There is absolutely no doubt that this is something special. The crisp air, the unique sound and smells of a crackling fire.

One of the best things about camping in colder weather is enjoying a camp fire. But whenever you have a fire you must consider the safety aspects of one as well. Never build your camp fire to close to your tent or trailer.  You don’t want anything catching on fire from a flying ember, nor do you want to fill your tent up with campfire smoke. Wood that is green or damp will produce lots of smoke until it drys out.  You might consider having a small tarp to throw over your wood to prevent it from getting damp. Make sure that your fire is out before you go to bed.  You don’t want it flaring up over night and possibly blowing embers onto your tent whilst you are asleep.

Depending on where you go camping, the winter season means fewer people at the campsites. The campsites that are so popular in summer are not so appealing in winter.

Ensure you have had a nice hot meal for dinner (and on a cold night in the outdoors, this is a highlight for many campers). This food will be used as fuel by your body during the night, helping with the warmth.Standing around the campfire is lovely, but the warmth only stays with you whilst you are next to it, so think about these other warm up methods too.


A place to gather with fellow travellers.

A place to cook the most delicious winter meals.

A place to heat the billy for a nice cup of tea.

A place to soak in the warmth of the coals.

A place to toast a marshmallow or two.

Bring on 2016 winter camping.

Where are you going this Winter?

DSC_0005 (3)

The old campfire.



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