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Top 10 Tourist Destinations-Australia.

If you’re planning on experiencing Australian Travel well here’s a good start. One of the most difficult things to do when trying to promote this beautiful country is to avoid a list a mile long of unique and interesting things to do and see.

This video is a sample only with a lot more to come. Enjoy.

This will no doubt whet your appetite for travelling Australia.

There’s not only the well known places that you need to see but the off the track quintessentially Australian experience. These include the country pubs and camping areas. The rivers and streams after the rains. Along with this comes the abundance of new growth and young animals.

Meet the Aussies who live in the bush.. Have a beer and a chat and learn about what you won’t see at the better known locations. Get off the bitumen and head onto the dirt and have a good scratch around. Things like using a metal detector are fun. You’ll never know what you find.

Camp out under the stars. Cook a feed on an open fire (it always tastes better). Take a hike through a National Park. Grab a canoe and paddle along a pristine waterway.

There’s plenty to do and see and you can have a lot of fun along the way.

C’mon. Get out there and have a look!


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