About Us

Robyn and I are both passionate about Australian travel and we want to give both international and local visitors enough information and tips to make their trip in Australia as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Our motto is ‘Everything Australia for Everyone’.

I’ve been in the airline industry for over 25 years. As a result I’ve had the opportunity to travel to most parts of the world a number of times. It was, when returning home from these trips, that I realised how much Australian travel has to offer the world as a tourism destination.

It’s these travels that gave me the desire to showcase Australia. From a domestic point of view I was always surprised how little Australians have explored their own country aside from popular tourist spots.

I’ve travelled extensively around and through Australia but there is so much to see in this wonderfully diverse country.

By producing Aussie Discovery our hope is that we can highlight some lesser known yet equally impressive unique Australian destinations. Our passion for sharing this country is enormous. We also have the best food in the world!

Having accompanied my wife on many overseas trips I found myself constantly comparing various countries with what‘s on offer in Australia. Because this is a country of so much variety the travel opportunities are plentiful.

I was raised in the bush and as such I definitely have an affinity with the wide open spaces with The Outback being a favourite. I’ve been to a lot of top spots in this country but I’ve still got heaps more to see and share. Aussie Discovery gives us the opportunity to display this beautiful country and to let the world share an absolutely stunning touring opportunity.

Come and join us in making the Australian travel experience the best we can.