28 Things You Didn’t Know About Australia.


28 Things You Didn’t Know About Australia!

There are probably lot’s of things you don’t know About Australia. Here is a taste of what may surprise you.

Australia is an island continent and country with a mainland coastline over 40,000 kilometres. If Tasmania and all other islands were added it would be closer to 50,000 kilometres. Interestingly about 80% of the population live within 100 kilometres from the coast. At this stage in world history Australia is the only country to have lost a Prime Minister in the water. That is Harold Holt was swimming at Cheviot Beach off the coast of Victoria when he went missing. Drowned, picked up by a submarine. Who know’s? Ironically a swimming pool has been named after Harold Holt. Aussie humour!!!

Highway 1 connects every mainland Australian city and is the longest in the world. Similarly the Dingo fence, at over 5,600 kilometres, is longer than the Great Wall of China.

There is a world wide misconception that Australia is one of the most dangerous places on the planet. In fact it has has one of the lowest crime and murder rates anywhere. Where this may have been confused is the amount of snakes, spiders and marine life which are deadly. There are even trees and shrubs, the sap of which can kill or severely injure. Who would have thought?


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