10 unbelievable items on the internet!


10 Unbelievable Items on the Internet

Internet is a great resource on almost everything you can think of ranging between useful information for both business and personal use. A lot of people even at a young age are capable of navigating the World Wide Web. Even the youngest of our generation right now are capable of using smart phones which exposes them early to the technology.

I have nothing against the internet, I have been using it for a very long time and at some point it already replaced traditional things that I do before like flipping on a book or going to the library. It also enables us to communicate online and catch up with the everyday lives of our friends or relatives and definitely helps us do our business online without a hassle like paying bills, banking transactions and purchases. Speaking of purchases, since Internet is an open book to all users, everything is available – anything you can possibly think of and sometimes things that you did not even think would exist. As it is a good source of information, not everything is reliable. Some are too good to be true and are not expected to be of good use in our lives. Believe me or not, people are selling stuff that we can consider overrated or unrealistic.

Let us explore on some things I gathered on what things available online are considered unrealistic and overrated and also things that are best found outside the web.

FYI: This is not on a chronological order; it really depends on your level of imagination.


This is like so disturbing actually. Is earth on the verge of losing its fresh air that people are already selling air in a can? No I am not kidding here. This is already being done in China. People are selling fresh air from Australia to the country. I think the earth is coming to an end now, from bottled water to canned fresh air. I know that this is helpful in giving an alternative solution to air pollution not only in China but in other parts of the world but take it as a piece of a worldly advise, air should not be sold, it is a major part of our everyday lives.

We breathe air to live and if we cannot breathe air that is good enough to supply your lungs, you don’t have to buy it. Since it is in nature that we breathe air, why don’t we give it back to Mother Nature and restore her instead of complicating things. How about those who cannot afford a canned air? Are you just going to watch them suffocate in that nasty situation?

This is a major thing that everyone is involved into. We all have a role in maintaining our quality of living and for our future generation. Likes and comments cannot fix this but a generous act of care for our lives. Well big word for someone who is posting this online but yeah, as they say, truth hurts.




Is this for real? Where on earth can you find a source of unicorn meat? For a fact that unicorns are mythical creatures and even if it existed in our ancient times you cannot possibly get one now. It is very surprising that the product sold more than 85% in ebay.com for $10.99 USD.

Is it not amazing? Maybe the seller of this product has travelled in time or in other worlds just to supply us with happiness included with this canned unicorn meat.


On eBay the piece of rock was sold for $450,000. It is a piece of rock that came from the Red Planet that ended up landing on Earth. This was auctioned back in 2003. Yes, there can be some scientific purpose in buying this. It is also possible that scientists, astronomers or researchers are the ones who bought it but posting it online for purchase is really unusual and for regular people it is going to be unrealistic and most likely end up as a very expensive display in your living room.

Purchases like this are some kind of dumb and simply a waste of money for me. If you are not going to study it or do something useful with this item, it is not worth it. Maybe rich people just don’t have anything good to spend their money on. Maybe they have everything they wanted and thought of buying some unusual item they see online. I guess we’ll never know. I will surely update you people if I get to the point of having spare money that big. Let us see how impulsive a person can get on their purchase if they have tons of money to spend.


Online what you see is dependent on what is shown on the picture. It can only show the camera’s perspective and it will bind you on the picture that is in front of your screen. Outside that image people are blinded to the unknown. A perfect example for this is when a business man sold a town on eBay. It was sold twice but became very disappointing to the buyer later on. The town was sold at $1.77 million as the highest. You can really see how far sales talk and images can go.

  2. I really hesitated to believe what I just got here but it is true! An imaginary friend named Jon Malipieman was sold online for $3,000. I know, it sounds crazy. Even in reality when you have an imaginary friend as a grown up you will get a lot of comments – even considered as a lunatic for having one. Imaginary friends are supposed to be in your imagination. It is formed by your brain and your own creativity. Take it from the movie Inside Out, it lives in the child’s head and was stored in her memory.

This is really unimaginable. I wonder if I can imagine an imaginary friend and sell it as well. What do you think?


Do you want a pet of your own? Why not buy a stationary pet that will not do anything for you. Yes it is for real. Internet shopping allows you to buy a pet rock! You just have to plug your USB cable in it and watch it do nothing for you. What a great way to waste your money, time and if you are smart enough to buy one it is also a waste of electricity.

I feel that this is really pointless. It does not do anything. It cannot interact with you. It just serves its purpose, to lie on the ground and be still – just like any other rock in the planet – maybe even outside.

If you really want this product, why not get a rock outside your home, drill a hole in it and plug in a USB cable to it. Just the same, it is a rock, it does nothing plus it will save you money as well – great alternative or better yet, just leave the rock alone.


Earning money is vital to support any persons need. You need this to pay your bill, support your family, to fill up your extra expense for your liesure and other necessities. It is surprising that being a friend can get you that extra income. Over the internet you can get hired to be someone’s friend anywhere in the world. Oh yes, if you are one of the two less lonely people in the world you can find a companion for a fee. This is made available by rentafriend.com for as high as $50 per hour and a lot of side benefits like free meals, concerts, sporting events and such it is not bad right?

How is this even safe? Even if the website offers guarantees or such you still do not know the person well. You can consider me paranoid about it but now a days nobody is totally safe now. Lurking over the web are some people who just want to take advantage of you. I am not scaring you, but this is the reality we must face.

But hey, being a friend should not be paid for. A real friend does not require a monetary payment it is given to you freely built through times and memorable experience together. Even enemies can be your friend. Go out and have some fun. Talk to somebody. Your neighbor, schoolmate, colleague or someone you meet at a coffee shop. It does not hurt to try.


I am really sorry this has to be included in the list. I mean who does this? If you are really sorry for something you did have some guts to face that person face to face and do it yourself. An apology done online through forums or posts does not suffice for any trouble you may have caused and more so having someone else apologize for you. In China and Japan this has been ongoing. You can hire someone to apologize in behalf of you and the rate differs on how apologetic that person would be. It starts from $96 up to $240 for face-to-face apology and crying to make it look sincere has an extra cost too. This is something done with utmost sincerity and is really annoying to see online and being done by many. Sorry not sorry.


Having a pet is a great way of reducing stress, gives you a feeling of fun and love at the same time. You care for your pet maybe as much as you care for your children, if ever you have one. The idea of having a pet is not only to show loving affection or security perhaps but also it indicates responsibility. As a pet owner one should be socially responsible. Since you consider your pet as a part of the family, whatever the pet does since they cannot decide on their own or ask you that they are about to poop or pee, just like a baby, of course you should look after their mess. Asking someone to do this for you is just a little off the hook. Why ask some person to pick up your pets poop if you are already there to do so? Some laziness just does not apply to everything. If you cannot be responsible enough for your pets poop how can you be more responsible for bigger things? Just a little thought that I have that might be applicable to a lot of people not just pet owners. Now just scoop it!

  1. LOVE

Call me cheesy and romantic or even traditional for this, but I still believe that love cannot be bought whether it be online or in real life. Dating websites, social media and the like are fine, it allows people to meet someone new and can even take you to your lifetime partner even from halfway across the globe. It is just a bit odd that over the internet there are services that offer to have a boyfriend or girlfriend for rent. This is available in Japan and renting a boyfriend can really get expensive as they say. It typically provides comforting service to the lonely women without any sexual benefits. It seems a little too weird for me to hear someone trying to pay just to feel loved. Try to love yourself first and see how people get more attracted to you. You cannot expect someone to love you back if you take yourself for granted.


Well there goes my list of the things that cannot be bought or should not be bought online. This is totally subjective, yes, but realistic. You can opt to agree with me or maybe not. Maybe there are more things that should be listed here tell me more on your thoughts about this, maybe I am not the only one who thinks that e-commerce has become so overrated and unreal.


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